QA - Collaborative Hashtags

Who can I invite to collaborate with me?
Friends - a user you follow and who follows you back.
Can I join an existing hashtag?
Yes, you can request to join an existing collaborative hashtag.
Am I automatically a member if a friend invites me to collaborate on a hashtag?
No, you can accept or decline the invitation to collaborate.
Can a friend create the same Hashtag as me?
Yes. Let’s say you have created a collaborative hashtag called #food and another friend also wants to create a separate #food hashtag. There will be two different collaborative hashtags with the same name.
What happens if my friend and I separately created the same hashtag and after the fact, we want to merge the hashtag together?
One of your will request to join the hashtag, and if accepted, the posts from both of your hashtags will be merged as one.
What happens when people search for the hashtags? Will the same hashtag name but created by different groups of people be separated?
Yes, the search results are separated by hashtag groups, sorted by relevancy.
Can someone outside of members or friends’ network follow the hashtag?
Yes, all collaborative hashtags are publicly visible and anyone can start following a specific collaborative hashtag.
Will my post to a collaborative hashtag also be visible in the Public hashtag?
Yes. Each time you use a hashtag on Instagram it has always been placed in the Public hashtag. Collaborative hashtags organizes the posts and removes the clutter and noise.
Can I create a private collaborative hashtag only members can see and access?
No, please use DM’s and DM Groups for that.
What does “X followers” mean in a hashtag?
People who already follows your profile automatically follows your collaborative hashtag/your posts.
My friend joined my hashtag and the follower count for the hashtag increased. What happened?
You join forces: When another profile joins a collaborative hashtag, that profile brings unique followers to automatically follow the hashtag.
I follow a profile that is a member of a hashtag group. Does it mean I will start seeing the other members posts in my news feed??
No. Hashtag groups does not affect your news feed. When you open the hashtag from the profile you follow, you will open that profiles hashtag group by default instead of opening the Public hashtag.
What happens if I leave a hashtag group where I have several posts?
Your posts will simply just be disconnected from that hashtag group and your posts will remain in your profile.
Can I be a part of multiple hashtags with the same name?
No. If you wish to join another hashtag with exact same name as the current, you will be asked if you wish to move all of posts over to the new hashtag.
Can I post to multiple hashtags at once?
Yes. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram.
What happens if I unfollow a hashtag a profile I am following is a part of?
You will stop seeing posts with that hashtag from the profile you are following in your news feed. It’s like muting specific topics from a profile without fully muting the user.